Multi-OS Engine 1.4.2 released - 64-bit only Builds and Java 9

multi-os-engine Feb 08, 2018

We just released version 1.4.2 of the MOE Gradle and IDE plugins. This is a minor release with 2 new features.

64-bit only builds

iOS 11 only supports 64-bit code, but the MOE.framework included in our SDK includes both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions in a "fat" library. With this new feature, if your Xcode is set up with a single active architecture (e.g. arm64), our build script inside Xcode will automatically use lipo -thin to remove the unneeded architecture binary.

Gradle update for Java 9 Build Support

In order to use Java 9 for building, one has to use at least Gradle 4.2.1. We have updated the project generators in the IDE plugins to generate projects with Gradle 4.2.1 to support Java 9 as a build JDK.

Please note, that this support is only for building your code, you still have to develop your code targeting Android 6 (MOE 1.x is based on Android 6) and the parts of Java 8 supported by Retrolambda.

How to upgrade

To use the new release, you only need to update the Gradle plugin version to 1.4.2 and execute "Refresh Xcode project" in your IDE.

Alternatively you may also run the following command from the project folder:

./gradlew moeUpdateXcodeSettings

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